Saben Landscaping

Our Story

What started as a passion project quickly blossomed into a full-time endeavour for Saben Landscaping. Since 2019, Kiel Hassanali and his team have discovered, recreated, and reimagined once overlooked areas into beautiful greenspaces within Toronto neighbourhoods.

Urban development stresses natural ecosystems, and native wildlife. Our response is to curate a nurturing greenspace with a blend of design, horticultural expertise, and environmental sensitive practices.

We understand that stewarding and appreciating your natural environment can increase personal wellbeing, enjoyment and value of your home.

Our Services

for terrace, balcony, full gardens, and lawns

Design and Installation

Working with you we design your perfect outdoor oasis in the city.

We can:

  • Design through consultation and collaboration
  • Project manage the design from concept to completion
  • Ensure design remains within agreed upon budget

    Garden Care

    Plants enliven your garden, we ensure that they thrive through maintenance, prevention, and care.

    We can:

    • Amend and cultivate the soil
    • Prune and fertilize through the seasons
    • Weed and mulch the overgrowth

      Lawn Care

      Beautiful lawns are challenging and time consuming, with our experience we can achieve a  perfectly green lawn.

      We can:

      • Prepare the lawn through dethatching and aerating
      • Maintain the desired length through careful cutting and trimiming
      • Nourish the lawn through natural fertilizing and pest management

        Seasonal Urns and Planters

        We create seasonal and welcoming statement pieces to accentuate your home’s outdoor living spaces

        We can:

        • Create spring and winter living flower arrangements
        • Reflect the colours and textures to suit your style
        • Harvest natural materials to enhance your design

        Our Team

        Kiel Hassanali



        For more information contact Kiel by phone at 647.210.3300 or email